-/\- uNDERGRoUND cONFERENCE 3d -/\-   
- 25-27.6.99 BiNGEN/GERMANY -      
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  - 45,- DM entrance fee (wir werden nich reich, alles was trotz
    zelt+strom+anlage+beamer+dekontaminierung übrig bleibt gibts
    als competition-prices und free beer zurück - bei der uc2e
    musste der organizer nach der party monatelang nudeln+wasser essen,
    weil er uc-rechnungen zahlen musste ;)
  - Alcohol & drugs allowed (according to German law !)
  - Troublemakers will be splattered !
  - 2 rule krewel will b an obligation !
  - ! Only invited rulers and scenerz will be admitted entrance !
  - Bring (!you must!):
  - !!!! if you bring no Verteilerstecker - you get no Strom !!!!
  - Computa (no type - no racism !), TV, girlfriend & any otha type of
    electronic equipment (TB-303, TR-909, TR-808, toasters, other
    synthesizers etc.)
  - We are not liable for any equipment or valuables. It will be
    possible to lock things away. The large tent will be guarded
    around the clock by bekifften organizers, so that there should
    not be any problems.
  - Krewelnesüberprüfung durch raed-aed und sonja bei Ankunft

                      ! NO EQUIPMENT - NO ENTRY !